Monday, September 3, 2012

Zinnia Summer Days

During all other seasons, I love to include purple, yellow, and orange colors to my backyard flora, because I'm always prepared for a FALL garden when October and November come around.  This year I've done nothing all summer but re-pot, prune, replace, and feed my plants out back, because they have waited for my full attention for several years now.  Sigh.  I must say, though, my backyard project is coming along rather well, and I'm starting enjoy my morning coffee out there, instead of fretting over the neglected dead limbs, empty "spots," and uncut spent blooms I spy over the rim of my coffee cup.
It's getting there, and I'm so happy for it!
I've also discovered Zinnias this year, but not just any variety... seeds were especially harvested by my dear friend Carol, from Indiana, and mailed to me last Fall.  My first blooms appeared a little early last week, but I think still in time for continued blooming through October.

How does YOUR garden grow?  Wishing you end of summer bright blooms!


Pedro Luis López Pérez said...

Here in Spain, the autumn will start. The leaves fall from the trees.
Flowers are a wonderful thing
Beautiful garden full of life.
A hug.

Mary Ann Potter said...

Ahh, fall. My favorite season. My garden's doing well; I have lots of tomatoes and herbs, and my marigolds and zinnias are thriving. I find myself sprucing things up outdoors, getting ready for final fall clean-up and new colors. Nifty thought - last fall we had a brood of baby chicks. Maybe we'll get another one this year!

Peace And Sunshine to you.

Peace And Sunshine to you.
Robert Atkinson Fox (1860-1935)