Sunday, March 6, 2011

Imagining Possibilities in Pink

I've been pouring over all my jewelry images at my shop for the last few days, and re-editing all of them.  It's all necessary because of Kim's class.  It has helped me learn how to edit better and more creatively, crop better, and just plain SEE my images better.  I've decided to re-edit, instead of re-photograph, like I thought I was going to.  In future, I will make sure to photograph new jewelry on lighter, brighter backgrounds.  In the meantime, I'll depend on filters and technique.

I must add, the wonderful and kind friends I've made since I started this blog have also inspired me tremendously.  I have found some wonderful artists and photographers that have been amazingly generous with their knowledge, ideas, and their kind hearts.  It's overwhelming for me sometimes to think that if I didn't start this blog adventure, how very small my artistic and aesthetic principles would have stayed.  I feel like I've spent more time then ever in my life on the computer, but also feel like I'm standing in front of the creative flood gates of SO many delightful people.  I am so grateful, everyday.

I needed a time-out from editing, and decided to make a tag or label that could be used as a postcard or card, too.   I left one blank in case you wanted to add your own type.  Enjoy for personal use.

This beautiful and delicate fairy image is by Harold Gaze (1884-1963 Pasadena, CA).
Gorgeous "Sweet tart" and "START" textures by Kim Klassen.
Yes dear Kim, I do imagine many more possibilities now.
All other elements were purchased at Scrapbook Elements.


Kim Klassen said...

soooo very pretty.... WOW..... just lovely Sherilyn...

happiest sunday...xxo, Kim

Penelope's Beehive said...

Lovely Sherilyn! Just one more of your MANY talents!

Happy day to you...
Judy xo

Sylvia said...

Such a lovely fairy image and you've made a gorgeous card, Sherilyn !
Love the soft colors !
Nice week,

Peace And Sunshine to you.

Peace And Sunshine to you.
Robert Atkinson Fox (1860-1935)