Peace And Sunshine to you in 2015

Peace And Sunshine to you in 2015
Robert Atkinson Fox (1860-1935)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ten New Creations (Sold)

Happy Winter Solstice Dear Readers,
I must admit these last several months have zoomed by, and to my dismay it's been much too long since I posted a little note to you here.  I won't make excuses, but hope you will forgive my break from blogging for the last few months... it's been a busy time.

I wanted to share my recent inspired jewelry creations with you, as well as wish you all the same in happy creativity this winter.  I had a truly wonderful time making these, and I hope you are also finding time to create something beautiful this holiday season.  
Enjoy! ...oh and just click on the pictures to make them bigger. :)

Do you have a favorite? Leave me a comment! :)

If you are interested in knowing the artisan bead names (by Anne Dodd),
just ask!  Anne can usually remake any of the beads you see here.

Thank you for stopping by!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Congratulations Anne Dodd!

My favorite bead artist Anne Dodd, of Spare Time Designs
was published in STYLE magazine this month!
I'm so happy for her! Just click HERE to read her article.
Check out her website gallery
or her ebay listings
or her etsy shop!
View her beautiful glass Lampwork beads below:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's SUMMER! Jewelry Sale!

Hello to my Dear Readers!
I hope this greeting finds you well, and happy!

Wowee I've missed you all so very much!  I've been working hard at my Clear Crick Hollow shop, and so I have devoted hardly any time to my blog, and to my Clear Crick Cottage.  *Sigh.* I have recently decided I've finally gotten to a point when I can shift some of my attention to jewelry again, so am visiting you here today to let you know I'm having a little summer sale on jewelry - 
Get a 30% discount
when you use the coupon code
now through June 30th.

I'm not offering any new jewelry, but some of it will probably be removed, and reconstructed after this sale.  I have a lot of new ideas and so several of the pieces I have in my shop right now will either retire to my jewelry box, or be made into something new. :)  I have a busy summer ahead of me, with the revamp of my jewelry, and also the need to open a separate vintage shop in addition to my CCH and CCC.  I have a LOT of old pretty things I need to send off into the world to be loved by someone new. :)

Starting in early July, I will be on a short leave from CCHollow in order to devote time to my CCCottage activities.  Wish me luck!

Happy Summer to you, kind followers! 
Wishing you a summer full of warm days, tasty BBQs, and may YOUR summertime projects be finished with the greatest of ease!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love at the Garden Gate

Hello Dear Readers,
Can it really be Valentine's Days already?
I have been on the mend - in mid January I got "that" flu that is going around...been coughing ever since!  JUST in the last few days though - I almost feel improved, so I am uplifted!  I got up and off my "fainting couch," and felt like crafting you a little romantic art... Please enjoy a copy for any of your crafting needs.

And have a Love-Inspired Valentine's Day.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowy Red Barn Winter Freebie

Season's Greetings Dear Readers!
I just stopped in to wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!
Below you'll find some pretty holiday card art that you're welcome to take and use for any of your paper, postcard, or digital projects.  You might even enjoy them as a screen saver.  Have you gotten your cards done yet?  Me neither! lol. I hope these will inspire us!

This charming set of barns resides next door to Clear Crick.  I have embellished the xmas decor but the barns are naturally these pretty colors. :)

Right now at my jewelry shop Clear Crick Cottage I'm having a 1 day sale before I sign off for the season, and am offering my best discount code CCCWINTER30 for a discount of 30% on all of my beaded jewelry.  If you happen to have time, stop by and say hi ! :)

Thank you for a wonderful 2012.
I'll see you again in 2013 !
Sherilyn Koss
Groundskeeper, Clear Crick Cottage

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Autumn Skies Bracelet (Sold)

Click bracelet for larger view
These fantastic lentil shaped lampwork beads are by Anne Dodd at Spare Time Designs... they're called "Rootbeer Over Ice."  Along with their beautiful amber half, they also have a super gorgeous shiny half - it's a smokey blue grey mirrored affect - just stunning.  Delightful Shibuichi toggle by Green Girl Studios, and perfect lampwork spacers "Aurae" by Cathi at Beadbrains.

This bracelet was inspired by Anne's beads, AND the recent custom request from my cousin Diana.
Thanks ladies!  I hope you both like how this turned out!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Sweet Treat Coupon Now through 10-31

Happy Halloween Sweet Readers!
If you're in the market for some new beaded jewelry,
I have a special coupon code just for you:
Use coupon code CCCCANDYCORN 
at checkout for a 20% discount!
Fly on over to my shop and have a look!

Currently, I ALSO have a 15% coupon running for shoppers who haven't checked my blog! :)
I know I know... but it's REALLY all about the Tricks and Treats right now isn't it?!

I'll be lighting my pumpkins and rustling up some sweets for our neighborhood kiddies - I might even dress up this year... who can tell?  One year I dressed as the Wicked Queen in Snow White, answering the door in full mask and costume... most little ones got as far as "Trick orrr...." then their mouths would drop open.  I politely, serenely, and eerily asked them all if anyone had seen Snow White? as I passed out the candy very slowly... No one snitched!  But ONE little girl said to her friend as she left the porch that "NO WAY would she dress as Snow White next year!"

Wishing you all a frightfully Happy Halloween week!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's October! Fall Jewelry Sale

(Click on the Witch to be transported to my Etsy shop.)
Hello Happy Readers!
Just use this magical coupon code "CCCAutumnColors" at check-out, and get a 15% discount on your purchase.  Enjoy your first weekend of October everyone!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Zinnia Summer Days

During all other seasons, I love to include purple, yellow, and orange colors to my backyard flora, because I'm always prepared for a FALL garden when October and November come around.  This year I've done nothing all summer but re-pot, prune, replace, and feed my plants out back, because they have waited for my full attention for several years now.  Sigh.  I must say, though, my backyard project is coming along rather well, and I'm starting enjoy my morning coffee out there, instead of fretting over the neglected dead limbs, empty "spots," and uncut spent blooms I spy over the rim of my coffee cup.
It's getting there, and I'm so happy for it!
I've also discovered Zinnias this year, but not just any variety... seeds were especially harvested by my dear friend Carol, from Indiana, and mailed to me last Fall.  My first blooms appeared a little early last week, but I think still in time for continued blooming through October.

How does YOUR garden grow?  Wishing you end of summer bright blooms!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Altered Summertime Cherry Backgrounds

Hi Dear Readers!
Just a quick hitter today - still working on that yard of mine! whew, and boy is it hard in this hot weather.  Ok maybe I'm procrastinating a little right now! LOL.  I hope you're all well, and enjoying your sunny summer!!
I wanted to share some altered Graphics Fairy Cherry themed Blogger backgrounds for a summertime treat.
I've merged and blended at least 2 backgrounds on each, and blended in a few fun elements as well - most are all derived from Karen at Background Fairy, and Graphics Fairy.
Here are the original 4 designs from Background Fairy, just in case you want to try this yourself:
(link to Cherry Dots HERE)                      (link to Pink Roses HERE)

 (link to Red White Swirls HERE)                   (link to Blue Dots HERE)                      
When I load these particular backgrounds into Blogger Template Designer, 
I designate the Alignment to Upper center,
choose the drop-down command "Don't Tile,"
and UNcheck the "Scroll with Page" box.
Have fun trying these on your own blog! (just click and save to your computer!)

The Background FairyThe Graphics Fairy

If you aren't quite sure how to load your own blog background without code, please see the Background Fairy's "Super Simple Tips" on how to load these! click HERE to link to these instructions!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Bathing Beauty Blog ART Freebie

Thanks for stopping by today!
I was having some creative fun with several of my images from Graphics Fairy and decided to post them here for you to use, if you like them.  I hope this design might come in handy this summer for you.

This Bathing Beauty Image is a wide background (better "suited" for 3 column blogs), but would still work for 2 column blogs.
FYI, These blog banners are 910 pixels wide, so you shouldn't have to choose "shrink to fit" unless you have a 2 column blog.
Once you upload the background to your Blogger,
I like to choose the setting alignment to
Center bottom,
Don't Tile,
and UNCHECK Scroll with page.
I also added some little Bathing Beauty Buttons for summertime sidebar decor.  They're both 180 pixels wide.